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Hiking GR5

They came back for the secànd part of GR5 !

Last year, we did with them the GR5 from Geneva to Chamonix.

This year it's Chamonix to Tignes

What a wonderfull hike  ;)

This video is for them...when are you coming for your hike and video ?

3 Helicopters flight from Geneva to Chamonix Mont Blanc for private event

As you know, we love to organise events..dosent' mater the size of the Event !

This time, we will not you you our guest for privacy, but a part of the Event was to fly from Geneva to Chamonix !

It's a wonderful fly starting in front of yelow flowers, the Jura, then Geneva and the Leman  blue Lake, then the Green  Arve valley and finally the pure white Mont Blanc area with Chamonix.

Enjoy this free video with our 3 helicopter flying in same time and see you soon... 


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