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13 Oct, 2020
By Christophe Goncet | Oct, 2020 |

80 years old Happy Birthday helicopter flight over the Mont-Blanc...Top of Europe

Saturday 8:56, the phone rings ... Christine from Switzerland, would like to offer today, a helicopter flight to Marlene that in a few days will celebrate its 80th anniversary. Specialized in organizing last minute events, it will be possible. The weather is great but we are told the wind aloft. We therefore propose to Christine fly depending on the weather and probably can not go higher than 4000m ! 12:30 ... In the helicopter with Christine and her mom equipped with its Pacemaker, accompanied by our cameraman to capture the event. The wind wasn't strong and Dominique our pilot, fly above the highest peak of the Alps: Mont Blanc 4810m ! Flight tailor exceptional, above the glacier of Mont Blanc, borders Swiss, Italian and French. Undoubtedly, this flight will remain forever in the minds of our customers on DVD and on our website.

Happy Birthday Marlene and see you soon,

Top of Europe Organisation

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