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14 Oct, 2020

Private Helicopter flight over the Mont Blanc in October

It is always nice to fly with our guest over the Mont Blanc. Today is a perfect weather to fly by helicopter. Our guest are French and one of them is in wheelchaire and it is not a problem ...

14 Oct, 2020

Hiking Jonction, Hiking Albert 1er, Hiking Houches with Charlotte and Robert

A video of 3 hiking days in Chamonix Mont Blanc with nights in Chamonix. For Charlotte and Robert. Day 1 ...Hiking to Jonction, the old and first Mont Blanc itinerary. Day 2 ...Hiking to Albert 1er hut on side ...

14 Oct, 2020

Mont Blanc Helicopter flight for our Japanese guest

This 2 ladies are coming from Japan ! We organize for them a flight over the Mont Blanc .

Over the Top of the Alps, the Top of Europe !

A 30 minutes flight with Pascal our pilot and ...

14 Oct, 2020

3 days Hiking in Chamonix Mont Blanc with Catherine

Walking is recommended, but hiking in the Alps is really recommended !

In September, these 3 special days in the mountains in front of the Mont Blanc were just perfect.

The Hotel du Bois Prin and the ...

14 Oct, 2020

Mont Blanc Helicopter Tour the 3 September

One more amazing helicopter flight over the Mont Blanc in gret weather. 

September is a good time to come in our Mont Blanc valley but it is a good time to enjoy the mountain.


14 Oct, 2020

Private Flight by plane around the Mont Blanc

Today, we are flying with 2 persons coming from Koweit. 30 minutes by plane around the Mont Blanc ! 

A fantastic flight !

You will not see them, they want to stay anonymous !

You wasn't here ...

14 Oct, 2020

Mont Blanc Sun Set

Mont Blanc is always fascinating ! When it changes from white to orange, red and pink, it becomes almost unrealistic. Many of you watching the sunset down or horizontally ... we, in Chamonix, it is up, almost vertically !

14 Oct, 2020


Robin is now 17 years old and ready for this famous hiking trail. e are using the old and first Mont Blanc itinerary discovered in 1786 by Balmat.

First in the morning, we start at 7:00 to arrive at the ...

14 Oct, 2020

Hiking walking 14 july in Chamonix Mont Blanc

Hiking the 14th July in Chamonix Mont Blanc during the National day ? Yes, it is possible. Christophe from Top of Europe Organisation, guiding today Japanese people coming for a day to enjoy walking in the Alps, in meadle of ...

14 Oct, 2020

11 july Hiking Chamonix and the Mont Blanc

Yes, some time it's not a perfect weather in Chamonix Mont Blanc ! But, even without, hiking is always great. And today our walking intinerary was nice.

Colors full because of rain coat but no rain... No body ...