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14 Oct, 2020

15 minutes helicopter flight in Chamonix Mont Blanc

Accessible by 4X4 then 15 minutes of helicopter flight over glaciers and amazing summit.

Top of Europe Organisation is very reserve and organize helicopter flights

Enjoy this little free video

14 Oct, 2020


One more time with us Megeve..and for wonderful memmories...

This freee video is for them...a small help ...for souvenir ;)

14 Oct, 2020


Are you looking for your seminary a great activity ? 

Chamonix Mont Blanc Biathlonorganize by Top of Europe Organisation

14 Oct, 2020

Hiking GR5

They came back for the secànd part of GR5 !

Last year, we did with them the GR5 from Geneva to Chamonix.

This year it's Chamonix to Tignes

What a wonderfull hike  ;)

14 Oct, 2020

30 minutes helicopter flight with Korean guest in August over the Mont Blanc

One more amazing helicopter flight with Korean people after a Tour du Mont Blanc treeking week !

Hiking and doing the Tour du Mont Blanc TMB is fantastic...

Doing the flight over the Mont Blanc is ...

14 Oct, 2020

20 minutes helicopter flight over the Mont Blanc with Indian people

Our Indian guests don't want to be online, but we are going to showthis wonderful video about our flight over the Mont Blanc...always diferent, enjoy this free Mont Blanc helicopter flight video and come soon with us &...

14 Oct, 2020

After a TMB, Paragliding and helicopter flights for one of our fantastic Korean group

After a TMB treeking with our guest. A wonderful Tour du Mont Blanc is not enough for people coming from so fare...lest paragliding and flying by helicopter in this amazing landscape full of glaciers and summit...


14 Oct, 2020

3 Helicopters flight from Geneva to Chamonix Mont Blanc for private event

As you know, we love to organise events..dosent' mater the size of the Event !

This time, we will not you you our guest for privacy, but a part of the Event was to fly from Geneva ...

14 Oct, 2020

Gülsah and Baris marriage proposal with drawing of lot, helicopter, chocolates, drinks in Chamonix Mont Blanc

They come from so far !

Secretly, we organize for Baris, an exceptional marriage proposal.

The story begins with a draw with as won prize, a private helicopter flight, then, climbers wait for the heroes of ...

14 Oct, 2020

Marriage proposal in April for Charlotte and Simon

Another successful marriage proposal !

Charlotte and Simon prefer not to show all their emotions on this video that we will offer them.

However, they allow us to show you some pictures and especially the beautiful ...