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14 Oct, 2020

Coming from USA to ski Chamonix Mont Blanc

An other fantastic week with great people coming from USA to enjoy our Chamonix valley and the Mont Blanc area.

This video is for them and for you ! Souvenir or new ski destination for you...


14 Oct, 2020

First skiing day for Zoé...beginner she was...

Zoé decide to learn how to ski !

Big surprise...1/2 day later she is able to ski like a pro...

She is not any more a beginner...

14 Oct, 2020

Full snow board day with Dutch guest and snow board teacher

A good snow board day in the Alps and at Chamonix Mont Blanc.

Today, the panorama is fantastic. First a little windy then splendid weather. See clouds, sun, and blue sky.

Trees, canyon, jumps,...


14 Oct, 2020

Catherine Amélie Elie skiing Megève

1 full day skiing in cold but lovely snow and in great company.

14 Oct, 2020

Chess and James's ski friends trip

Chess and James are clients from long time. This week, they decide to come with friends, new people for Top of Europe Organisation. With a ski teacher, they had 2 days around the Mont Blanc. Great group of happy people ! ...

14 Oct, 2020

Bermuda people coming to ski snowboard in Chamonix valley

A super amazing groupe coing from Bermuda to ski (some of them for the first time), snow board in Chamonix Mont Blanc valley.

For this they decide to stay in a luxury Chaley (Chalet Ten 74). Sue and ...

14 Oct, 2020


2 skiing days with great people. They was here to learn how to ski, to improve the ski technic, to enjoy snow and sun or to descovry one of the best panorama in the Alps.

But officialy, they ...

14 Oct, 2020

30 minutes helicopter flight over the Mont Blanc with people from Brazil

One more fantastic helicopter flight over the Top of Mont Blanc, but near by glaciers, mer de glace, aiguille du midi, Swiss Italian French Alps boarder, over the Top of Europe, in front of famous rock climbing mountain like ...

14 Oct, 2020

Ski week to Chamonix for Rachel ski team

An other amazing ski week for this loyal clients 'friends' coming from Harrogate. 


A fantastic sunny week in the Alps . 

Some of them are coming back in fiew weeks again......

14 Oct, 2020

Hiking end of september with 90 year old people over 4000m

Amaizing are ! But this 2 french men coming from Marseille are fantastic. 10 Days hiking in Chamonix Valley, Val Ferret, Val Vény, Leukerbad, Zermatt and the Breithorn over 4000m. This video is for them but you may love ...