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13 Oct, 2020

Japanese Tours Operators, reporter, photographer in Chamonix Mont Blanc

Chamonix welcomes TO, photographer, Atout France, HANKYU, KUONI, SHINTSU, ASAHI SHIMBUN, SHIZUMI YONEDA from Japan to prepare next year trips. With Rhone Alpes organization, and the help from Chamonix Tourisme office, local 5 stars hôtel, rental mountain equipment company, ...

13 Oct, 2020

Dell Intel VRTX seminary in Chamonix Mont Blanc

Chamonix Welcomes the VRTX.  The VRTX VIP Club 2013 come to Chamonix for a day And a night. Dell, Intell And VRTX for a meeting, a climbing, restaurant And evening  prepared With Top of Europe ...

13 Oct, 2020

'The Alps' Congress in Chamonix Mont Blanc

The Japanese delegation for the congress 'The Alps' at Chamonix Mont-Blanc. Top of Europe Organisation was here to guide and help in translation between Japanese Tour Operators and Alps professional people (Hotels, sports, restaurant,...) to welcome them in future ...

13 Oct, 2020

Wingsuit from Top of Aiguille du Midi 3842m/12600ft

Great jump and flight in wingsuit from Top of Aiguille du Midi in front of Mont Blanc.

Record in real speed and in slow motion. 

13 Oct, 2020

Hiking the 22 september with Top of Europe Organisation's guide in Chamonix

By a lovely morning and with a small groupe of 8 persons we start our hike around 10am, blueberry leaves become red,...may be the begining of the automne ?

Enjoy the video about aiguille du midi, helicopter flight, ...

13 Oct, 2020

3 August Japanese Hiking Tour in Chamonix Mont Blanc

A lovely day with a great Japanese group hiking in the Alps and for 2 night in Chamonix Mont Blanc.

Today's, afert a short visit of Chamonix Food market, and a visit the Aiguille du Midi, we ...

13 Oct, 2020

21 July bicycle trip in Re island

A lovely trip with 16 people to Ré island 'ile de Ré' where Fred organized a bicycle trip, a lunch at St Martin harbor, a stop by the sea and the beach 'Plage en Ré' before our return ...

13 Oct, 2020

16 July and Summer Hike a day in the Alps Chamonix Walking trail

400 km of Hiking trail in Chamonix Mont Blanc Valley. Today we are going to walk one of the most famous itinerary. After a visit of Aiguille du Midi at 3842m and a great trip by the amaizing cable car ...

13 Oct, 2020

15 July Hiking Walking Tour in Chamonix Mont Blanc in the Alps

Christophe one of our Japanese speaking and licenced hiking guide walking with an other Japanese groupe. Today again, the sun and the weather is perfect.

Aiguille du Midi with climber, tourist, hiker before a walk in Alpin ...

13 Oct, 2020

12 july HIKING Mont Blanc Valley and Chamonix Mountains

Hiking Mont Blanc Valley and Chamonix Mountains the 12 July. Still have a little of snow but not any more in the trail betwen Plan de l'Aiguille and Montenvers. Our Japanese guest today visit Aiguille du Midi at 3842m accessible ...